Child – Front



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* The Primitiva-Talismans are produced and crafted by jewellers at Kalevala Koru in Helsinki. Many hands are involved in the making of each object. As the the Primitiva takes its first steps into the world and to you, please expect order and shipping time to be from 4-8 weeks. Thank you for your understanding. The energy of the Talisman will be working with you long before you receive it!



The Talisman of Child is a symmetrical figure, the outline of a small infant. The child is an essential archetype for all of us and stands for the self in every human. We are all children at the core, beginners ready to be happy in the eternal now. This talisman will help those who have lost touch with the playfulness and innocence of their inner child. Understanding and addressing the childlike aspect of your character, and any unmet needs that may still linger, can strengthen your adult self.

When you carry Child you are filled with wonder, curiosity and optimism. You see the potential in yourself and everything around you to begin something new. You see the world as a place of plenty. You remember how you were awestruck by the simplest things when you were small, and you cherish this feeling from the bottom of your heart.