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* The Primitiva-Talismans are produced and crafted by jewellers at Kalevala Koru in Helsinki. Many hands are involved in the making of each object. As the the Primitiva takes its first steps into the world and to you, please expect order and shipping time to be from 4-8 weeks. Thank you for your understanding. The energy of the Talisman will be working with you long before you receive it!



The Talisman of Pattern is a queen, with a crown and a patterned gown. She, like all the Primitiva talismans, is made through the repetition of a single base unit: a serpentine curve. She is both an underlying ruler and archetypal pattern.

When you carry Pattern, you become more aware of the patterns and recurrences found in nature. The mathematical links around you become more visible. You begin to observe the patterns of waves, spirals, tilings, cracks and fractals. At once the world seems clearer and yet infinitely mysterious and magical.