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* The Primitiva-Talismans are produced and crafted by jewellers at Kalevala Koru in Helsinki. Many hands are involved in the making of each object. As the the Primitiva takes its first steps into the world and to you, please expect order and shipping time to be from 4-8 weeks. Thank you for your understanding. The energy of the Talisman will be working with you long before you receive it!



The Talisman of Truth is a flame inside two overlapping circles. When two circles overlap, an almond shape, or Vesica Piscis, is formed at their intersection. It is a powerful symbol in many different world cultures as it represents two becoming one. It is a space of revelation; a threshold to truth.

When you carry Truth, you are inspired to seek answers. You make connections between ideas and become aware that they can be traced back to a source. You become more capable of applying this method to your own life. Look at the events, ideas and circumstances that have shaped the path you are on and discover what constitutes your own truths.